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Career Prospectives

Career Prospectives

Genetics and bioengineering is one of the fastest growing disciplines in science today. The unique combination of traditional methods and approaches used in genetics combined with innovative approaches of bioengineering enable a multidisciplinary approach to solving various biomedical, forensic, microbiological, engineering, and other related problems. Upon completion of Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degree at International Burch University, students are able to pursue their careers in various fields, including medical diagnostics, forensic laboratories, agricultural laboratories, hematology laboratories, bioinformatics, food industry, pharmaceutical companies and more. 

Numerous laboratories dealing with biochemical and medical analyses of human samples, as well as those related to medical devices and instrumentation, represent job possibility for our students, as they get familiar with these disciplines both in theory and in practice.

Genetics laboratories

Any laboratory related to genetic engineering is an opportunity for our students, as they are prepared for working in the fields like human genetics, forensic biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, tissue culture, and many others.

Hospitals and polyclinics

Hospitals and polyclinics offer a wide range of opportunities, some of them being work and improvement in the labs for molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics, pathology, and biochemistry. Laboratory skills acquired by our students during their undergraduate education would be of the highest importance in these labs, since they mostly relay on molecular techniques, such as DNA and RNA isolation, PCR and qPCR, capillary electrophoresis, and FISH. Also, classical biochemical and microbiological tests, including blood and urine analyses, that are regularly performed is these laboratories, are well known to our students.

Forensic laboratories

Identification of war victims in forensic labs is done through DNA profiling and comparison with the closest relatives, which a topic covered during undergraduate studies at IBU, thus giving our students respectable background for work in these centers. On the other hand, police labs are also based on forensic science. Our students have both theoretical and practical knowledge of all techniques needed for work in these labs that function within the legal system of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Agriculture and food safety laboratories

Agriculture and food safety laboratories are mostly based on the usage of protein detection methods, such as ELISA. They incorporate molecular biology and microbiology to give excellent results in plant tissue sample analysis, food analysis, and ecology-related tests and are another chance for improvement of laboratory skills.

IVF centers and cryopreservation laboratories

With their knowledge of cell biology, cell division, fertilization, and stem cell genetics, our students would be of great importance in these labs.

Pharmacology companies

Pharmacology companies enable their employees to get familiar with the process of drug testing, production, and quality assurance, and to learn how to use modern equipment, such as HPLC machine. Through different chemistry-related courses, our students gain fundamental knowledge necessary for pursuing their careers in this area of industry.


Adna Ćuk

Hi, my name is Adna Ćuk, and I started my education at Burch University in year 2012 at the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering.My biggest dream was to be a doctor, never an engineer, but that changed when I came to Burch and started exploring and learning what exactly bioengineering is. It means that you need to know many things from medicine, biology, electrical engineering and economics. International Burch University gave me all that in form of lectures and labs. Besides that, I got an opportunity to speak English fluently and to develop some skills that I did not own before. Through conferences, seminars and projects at the University, I developed many different skills and met really great scientists from different parts of the world.

In 2015, I continued my Master degree studies, again at Burch University because I wanted to continue that great educational story. During that period, I started to volunteer at the University. My job was related with research in the field of population genetics and students in the lab. After three months, I got a job offer in cord blood bank called “BioSave”. Now, I am working in this company as a manager of medical affairs. I got a great opportunity to do genetic counseling and work with something for what I spent four years of my education.

I can say that International Burch University is very innovative university which is focused on the promotion of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and makes a good story in supporting young people.