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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision



Both the genetics and bioengineering disciplines are broad in their spectrum, with their foundation deeply rooted within all of the engineering as well as biomedical sciences, and are emerging sciences at the intersection of biology, engineering, physics and chemistry. In light of these unique features and requirements, as well as an impact on discoveries and technological innovations in the biological and medical sciences, IBU established this department to be a regional focal point for medical, agricultural and biotechnological education and research. The mission of the GBE Department is to prepare the students, both in theory and practice, for research as well as leadership in the fields of life science such as genetic engineering, biotechnology both in industry and academia so that, upon graduation, they find unique opportunities of both employment and research as well as further academic endeavors in the aforementioned areas.

The overall teaching and research mission of the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering at IBU is to promote learning of advanced scientific concepts as well as discoveries which could be motivated to enhance our capabilities in the development of biotechnological industries.



The main vision of the GBE Department is to be one of the leading research and teaching programs in Eastern Europe and to always be a department of choice, one that is modern, dynamic, interdisciplinary, ethic, enterprising, engrossing, open to original concepts, high quality in science. Our basic priority is to establish an image of a competent institute that keeps up with the international biotechnological development. We have very promising human resources, research capacity and sophisticated equipment applicable to fundamental molecular biological research in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our activities represent very important factor in the network of different scientific and technical cooperation, respectively.

The goals of the program are to educate its students on technology that can be applied in basic medical, biological, and engineering sciences and to create graduates that excel at establishing connections between the academic and industry sectors. 


Our main aims are:

  • To promote applicable genetics, bioengineering, and biotechnological knowledge through education and state-of-the-art technologies.
  • To develop local, regional, and international collaborations, as well as smart partnerships with internationally recognized institutions and industries.
  • To create and continuously improve curricula that meet the demands of local and European industries.
  • To motivate students to be recognized for academic excellence equipped with good skills and virtue.
  • To achieve and maintain teaching excellence through quality improvement, evaluation of learning outcomes, consistent monitoring, and review of teaching programs.
  • To publish papers in high quality peer-reviewed journals and books.