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Dear colleagues, students, respected professors, collaborators and respected readers.  

As a new science magazine we are always aiming at delivering fresh, intelligent coverage of hot topics in science and its comprehension to the scientists as well as to the other readers interested in genetics and bioengineering. Since the publication of the very first issue, BurchGene magazine has become very popular among readers. It has been seen on the streets of New York City and experienced a boom on the global networks. As a result, we have successfully recruited a great number of people to contribute to the our project. Strong will, clear goals and love for science drove us to continue helping, inspiring and bringing simple, accessible and fun scientific topics to our audience.

    BurchGene Issue 1                              

        BurchGene PILOT ISSUE                            BurchGene ISSUE 01                            BurchGene ISSUE 02                                    


                                          BurchGene ISSUE 03                                     BurchGene ISSUE 04