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1st ESEM Web Conference
Dec 02, 2016

1st ESEM Web Conference

1st Web Conference on Educating Students in Engineering and Medicine

ESEM is an organization focusing on education in Bioengineering in Europe. It is also a network of universities and other stakeholders in Bioengineering.

This webconference was the first event in a series of events which should be an easy-to-access plattform to present and discuss new research findings in Bioengineering.

The event was especially focused on research of undergraduate and postgraduate level students. It stimulated discussions between European partners and served as a networking platform.

The Genetics and Bioengineering students Berina Alic (Masters) and Lejla Gurbeta (PhD) participated in the conference and represented our university. 

The conference topics included: Biomechanics, Biofluidics, Biosensors, Implants, Medical Devices, Wearables and Biomedical Materials