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Representatives of Association of Biology Students in B&H visited GBE Department
Oct 22, 2018

Representatives of Association of Biology Students in B&H visited GBE Department

On Thursday, 18th of October, our students were visited by two representatives who came on behalf of  Association of Biology Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina and presented scientific and other activities they deal with in aforementioned Association.

Association of Biology Students is a voluntary and non-governmental organization,  which aims to accomplish the interests and goals of Biology students in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Being established in January 2017, it aims to enable all undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students and independent researchers in the sphere of biological sciences to be a part of the work and all activities of this association. Additionally, association attracts and gathers ambitious, versatile and creative biology students who, by their initiatives, create the foundation for future top experts in all disciplines covered by biology.

By joining this Association, our students will be given an opportunity to meet, learn and cooperate together. They will be able to attend conferences and lectures, international camps and other scientific events organized by this Association. Up to now, Association participated in organizing 8 international camps, many invited lectures and workshops and one conference - Young Life Science Europe, that was held from 5th to 7th October 2018 at the University of Sarajevo. This is an opportunity for students to find out what does biology have to offer to them, as well as to acquire new knowledge and experience. The annual membership fee is 10 KM and includes membership cards and discount on camps for all interested students.