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Genetics & Bioengineering Project

Genetics & Bioengineering Project

The GBE Project is a requirement for undergraduates in their last year of BSc studies who wish to graduate.

(We highly recommend thinking about the project before the third year.)

  1. Professors will offer possible topics (and fields of study) for GBE projects at the beginning of the fall semester of the upcoming academic year. Students who are in the fifth semester of their undergraduate studies are eligible to choose any of the offered topics following consultations with professors.
  2. Students are obliged to fill in the Supervisor and Co-supervisor Appointment form in the first week of November. Supervisor appointment form and undergraduate proposal thesis form can both be obtained and submitted back to GBE Project coordinator Sabina Halilović.
  3. Deciding on the exact topic of the project should be done as soon as possible. Until the end of fall semester, and not later than January 15th, students have to fill in the Undergraduate Thesis Proposal Form (also obtained from the web-site) and submit it to the Faculty secretary. In that form, students will state the topic of their project and give a short and concise abstract (around 250 words), followed by about 5-8 key words. Department/Faculty council will approve/reject the topic of the GBE project. After the topic gets approved, it can be changed within 30 days.
  4. Until the end of April, students are obliged to submit the first draft version of their projects to mentors for the first check. Mentors have one week to check the project and give their corrections. After that, students are given an additional week to apply those corrections. In that way, theses can be finalized by the end of May. Information on project formatting can be found on the Department web-site.
  5. After the final version of the project is ready, students are advised to check it for plagiarism using any of the software packages available online. GBE project has to be organized as a literature review in which students are reading a number of papers from the chosen area and writing a review with their own discussion of what has been observed throughout the papers: what is the universal principle behind the topic being explored, are there any opposite opinions on the topic and, if so, what they are. Copying from the previously published literature is strictly forbidden and is resulting in unsuccessful project defense.
  6. Students are given three dates for GBE project defense, the first one being the first working day following the end of the final exams, the second being the first working day after the first make-up exams and the third one being the first working day after the second make-up exams (roughly, at the beginning of June, end of June and in the mid-September, respectively). Projects are defended in the form of  presentations, after which committee members are asking the questions. The committee is consisted of three members: mentor, chairman, and the third member.
  7. Defense is evaluated with a single grade from “extraordinary” (A) to “fails” (F). The grade is made by the majority vote of the committee. If a student fails the defense of the GBE project, s/he has the right to repeat the defense or to request the selection of new topic to be approved within the same or another course.
  8. At the time of defense, committee members are filling in and signing an appropriate form (Jury Reports for the Final Work) and that (third) form is submitted to the Faculty secretary for student archive.
  9. Following successful defense and submitting project copies, students have to fill in the Withdrawal form that can be obtained in the student affairs. In that form, students are stating the reason for withdrawing from the university and are collecting signatures from the heads of relevant units as follows: student’s mentor, the Head of the Department, student affairs, accounting office, library, accommodation and health office, alumni office, and IT center. Upon completion of these procedures and submission of the form to the student affairs, students will be able to get their diplomas.
  10. It is highly recommended to submit project copies at the time of defense. If that is the case, committee members’ signatures will be collected for the students. Otherwise, students are obliged to collect signatures by themselves, which could be a potential problem, especially if the committee members are not full time professors.
  11. It is important to note that students are not allowed to defend their projects before they pass all courses thought during undergraduate studies.
  12. For writing guidelines as well as formatting details regarding the GBE Thesis, please refer to this link.
  13. For guidelines on how to present as well as the final GBE Presentation structure, please download instructions from this link.

Sabina Halilović

GBE Project coordinator


[email protected]


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