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Internships for academic credit add a significant workplace experience to students’ education as they permit students to interact with professionals in the fields of work in which they may one day decide to pursue their career goals. Students earn a total of 5 ECTS of academic credit for their internships and gain valuable “on the job” work experience. Students must complete a 30-working-day (6 weeks) summer practice in a company working in the field of genetics and bioengineering on a part-time basis (4 hours per day). If the company accepts a student for a total of 30 days, the student must work for at least 6 hours per day, so that at the end of the internship period, students will have completed at least 120 hours of work. The single requirement for the acceptance of the internship is the Internship Chairman’s consent. Observations from internship must be documented and presented in the form of a clear and concise technical report (Internship Notebook), along with a hardcopy of short report which shows student’s opinion about internship: what have they learnt and what is the main focus of the company they were working for, which the student brings to the Internship Committee for evaluation. The company must send two more documents to the University’s address via post: Company’s Evaluation of the Student and The Internship Acceptance Form. The former directly affects the student’s grade from this course, whereas the latter serves as a proof and acknowledgement of the internship.

Students enroll in the Internship course, “GBE 303 Internship”, in the 5th semester. We advise students to do the internship during the summer break between the end of the 4th and the beginning of the 5th semester for several reasons:

  • After the completion of the first two semesters, students usually do not have enough technical knowledge for doing the internship. Completing the internship in this period will not have the desired outcome for the student.
  • Postponing the internship to the summer break after the 6th semester means that the student can graduate in as early as September which may affect their plans for seeking appropriate job positions or pursing a Master program.
  • Doing the internship before the beginning of the 5th semester gives the Internship Committee enough time to appropriately judge and mark the internship report.

International Burch University helps students find the internship opportunity they will enjoy and from which they will learn the most. The Department also facilitates the process of getting the internship opportunities in domestic companies while it at the same time guides the students so that they find one of their own interest that they feel suits them best. Our students are urged to apply to one of several local companies the University has partnered with (NALAZ, Verlab, Prolab, and INGEB). However, they are also urged to seek out national or international companies that interest them.

Adna Ašić

Internship coordinator


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