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Regulations at the Genetics & Bioengineering Department


Attendance Policy

Academic success is closely related to students’ presence and involvement in lectures, which is why attendance is strictly upheld. Should a student’s attendance drop below 70% in any course, and their absence remains unexcused, they are not permitted to enter the final exam for that course. Consequently, the student is expected to re-take the course in the following academic year. (Laboratory attendance is not regulated by this rule, but can be considered on a case-to-case basis if needed.)

Policy on Medically Excused Absences

Absences due to illness may be excused medically. It is the student’s obligation to submit a medical excuse with a valid letterhead by the health institutions and that is signed and stamped by a medical doctor no later than a week (five working days) after the first day of the student’s return after her or his absence. Medical excuses that are received later than five business days are not accepted. Students are expected to strictly abide by the policy on medically excused absences, and a lack thereof will be subject to academic evaluation by the Department Head. Absences from academic exercises, for whatever reason, including representing the University in extracurricular and athletic activities, do not excuse nor relieve a student from responsibility for any part of the work in the course required during the period of absence. Upon her or his return, the student is expected to make up any and all missed work in an appropriate time frame to ensure success in the course.


Registration is open, and students may register, through the end of the second week of lectures. In the case of a missed deadline, the Office of the University Rector will be notified. The aforementioned rules also apply to transfer students who transferred before the end of the second week of the semester.

Transfer Students

Transfer students may apply for transfer and start attending the lectures at any time before the mid-term exam week. However, it is advisable to transfer as early as possible in the semester as mid-terms are obligatory. Transfer requests may be submitted to the Faculty secretary, after which the Head of the Department appoints a committee that determines course equivalence and makes a decision.

Grade Cancellation of Final Exams

Students may cancel up to two grades during one academic year. Please note that grade cancellation refers to the cancellation of the final exam grade, which the student has a chance to retake. We understand that students are not always ready to take the exam on the scheduled exam date. If that is the case, and you plan on not taking the final exam and instead plan to take the make-up, you must notify the professor of that course and go through an appeal process with the Head of the Department, as well as the Faculty secretary. Once your appeal is approved, and you take the make up exam instead of the final exam, please be aware that this counts as a final exam grade cancellation.

Grading Structure

Grading structure at the International Burch University is organized as follows:

10 (A) – outstanding performance without errors or with minor errors, carries 95-100 points

9 (B) – above average, with few errors, carries 85-94 points

8 (C) – average, with notable errors, carries 75-84 points

7 (D) – generally good, but with significant shortcomings, carries 65-74 points

6 (E) – meets minimum criteria, carries 55-64 points

5 (F) – performance does not meet minimum criteria, less than 55 points.

Additional Classes

A minimum of five students is needed in order for the Department to open an additional course during the summer school. Any one student may take a maximum of three additional courses, should they have taken them during that semester and failed. Additional classes last seven weeks, during which intensive lectures are organized twice a week. During additional classes, students are given a chance to improve their attendance, term paper and mid-term exam points, while final exam from the course is taken in September.

International Burch University Identification Cards

All students receive an International Burch University identification card that is the property of the University and is intended for University purposes only. The card is required for entrance onto the University campus, and, in addition to serving as an ID, helps maintain student safety as well as campus security. When the first term students arrive on campus, they must bring government issued identifications to facilitate photo and identity validation before they can receive their International Burch University ID cards. Every student will keep their ID card while they are enrolled at IBU and is responsible for his or her ID card and the consequences of its misuse. ID cards are not transferable; a student may not allow any other person to use his or her ID card for any purpose. A student who alters or falsifies his or her ID card or produces or distributes false identification cards of any kind is subject to disciplinary action. Lost cards should be reported immediately. A replacement fee is associated with the loss of an ID card, and it will be determined by University administration.