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Cell Biology & Microbiology

Cell Biology & Microbiology

The main idea behind genetics is the analysis DNA, the essential genetic material. However, it is of uttermost importance for our students to know the characteristics of the cells from which the genetic material is isolated. Considering that bacteria are the ideal experimental model they are very often used in these studies. With this in mind the laboratory of Cell biology and Microbiology was established at our department. In this lab students of the first cycle of study have experimental session from the courses: general biology, cell biology, microbiology, immunology, plant physiology, physiology etc.

The laboratory is equipped with binocular microscopes for the analysis of different prokaryotic and eukaryotic material. Furthermore, this laboratory possesses all the necessary equipment for microbiological examinations including: everything needed for preparing media, inoculating and incubating bacteria, testing their susceptibility towards antibiotics and natural substances and subsequently sterilizing them. In microbiology often today one can hear that we are found in the postantibiotic era due to the misuse of antibiotics. Soon we might be faced with extremely resistant bacteria that no known antibiotic can destroy. With this in mind within our research group microbial genetics we are working on many different projects with our students.

It is important to emphasize that this is also the first laboratory in Bosnia and Herzegovina that is working on bacterial quorum sensing and quorum quenching as well as identifying the signaling molecules that contribute to these processes.

The Cell Biology and Molecular Biology laboratory provides our students with all the necessary equipment needed to carry out experiments on the cellular level.