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Scientific research and GBE Laboratory Cloud

Scientific research and GBE Laboratory Cloud

The research laboratories (Scientific Research, Microbiology, and Human Cell Culture research laboratories) are used by our undergraduate, MSc and PhD students and other researchers for the purpose of conducting their scientific projects. The labs are extensively equipped with technologies that enable a wide range of experiments (as exampled at the bottom of the page).

Our main aim is to establish a healthy and friendly environment for researchers, and to encourage our students to actively participate in scientific work. For the GBE laboratory to successfully serve the needs of students and researchers for many years to come, it is vital that all students/researchers complete the following:

> Before collecting samples and starting with experiments, students/researchers are required to obtain permission from the applicable Ethical Committee, and to design a brief plan of their experiments with their assigned Supervisor.

> The list of equipment and the list of chemicals (including estimated amounts based on the number of samples tested) that will be used during experimentation should be approved by assigned Supervisor and submitted to the Head of GBE laboratories.

> Before starting with experiments, students/researchers are obligated to read all relevant Safety data sheets (SDS), sign the SDS Record Form and submit it to the responsible laboratory personnel.

> All students and researchers should familiarize themselves with correct laboratory conduct by reading the Good Laboratory Practice  and Laboratory Safety Guidelines manual. After reading the aforementioned material, and before starting with experiments, students/researchers must sign the User Acknowledgement Form and submit this to the responsible laboratory personnel.

> Due to the increased number of scientific projects occurring within the different research areas of the GBE laboratories, in order to effectively monitor expenditure of chemicals and laboratory supplies, students/researchers are required to fill the Chemical and lab supplies tracking form on a daily basis.

> In the case of any form of accident within the GBE laboratories (e.g. any kind of injury, chemical spills, biological material spills, broken equipment etc.), students/researchers must fill out the Laboratory Incident report and submit it to the responsible laboratory personnel.

> All students/researchers are obligated to reserve an allotted time for experimentation via the responsible laboratory personnel. Free time spaces for each laboratory/room can be visualized on the GBE laboratories research schedule.

GBE laboratory cloud is a place where students/researchers of the Genetics and Bioengineering Department of International Burch University can find all documents (Instrument user manuals, Safety data sheets, etc.) and laboratory forms required for their scientific projects.

To locate the required documents and forms, stored at the GBE laboratory cloud access the following links:

Some projects that are currently underway or have previously been conducted in this laboratory include:

> Molecular mechanisms of PTSD within the DAAD Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe 2015

> Forensic botany: DNA isolation methods for T. officinale (organic and inorganic extraction)

> Biofilms

> G-quadruplex formation in DNA primers

> Effect of pesticides on activity of β-glucosidase

> PAGE protocol optimization

> DNA isolation from buccal swabs (Qiagen)

> Multiplex STR PCR amplification

> Plant tissue culture

> Heavy metal accumulation in Brassica sp.

> Boron accumulation in bacteria

> Effect of silica and nanosilica on wheat and barley gene expression

> Effect of antioxidants on melanin expression

> Illustration of genetic variation through DNA analysis

> Primary cell culture of periodontal ligament cells