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Scientific Research Laboratory

Purpose of conducting their graduate research projects. This laboratory is also available for the research groups that are active at our Department for their re-search experiments that are presented either via participation at international con-ferences or via journal publication. The lab holds modern equipment including: thermocyclers (both PCR and qPCR), capillary electrophoresis, spectrophotometer, molecular imager, laminar flow working platforms, electrophoresis machines, cen-trifuge for DNA/RNA samples, -80⁰C freezer, growing chamber, vortex, spin-down, pH meter, analytical balance, and stirring hot plates. Some that are currently under-way or have previously been conducted in this laboratory include:
• Multiplex STR PCR amplification and DNA profiling
• An integrated approach to personalization of warfarin-mediated anticoagulant therapy (in cooperation with BioGlobe GmbH, Hamburg, Germany)
• Molecular mechanisms of PTSD within the DAAD Stability Pact for South East-ern Europe 2015
• Forensic botany: DNA isolation methods for T. officinale (organic and inorganic extraction)
• G-quadruplex formation in DNA primers
• Heavy metal accumulation in Brassica sp.
• Boron accumulation in bacteria
• Effect of silica and nanosilica on wheat and barley gene expression
• Effect of antioxidants on melanin expression.