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Master Degree

The Genetics and Bioengineering track educates students to use engineering principles in the analysis and minipulation of biological systems, allowing them to solve problems across a spectrum of important applications. The Genetics discipline complements the Bioengineering track by focusing on understanding the interaction of organisms with chemical, biological, and physical agents from the molecular to the systems level. The course of study includes mandatory and elective courses that enable students to enhance their academic as well as professional skills in a field of interest. Students are granted academic freedom to choose elective courses in an area of their curiosity that suits their preference, talents, abilities and desires. Completion of the Master studies program will be marked by independent research that will culminate in a mandatory written thesis.


The Master Program (3 + 2) is realized in the course of two years and carries 120 ECTS credits. Upon completion, students will gain the title of Master of Science in Genetics and Bioengineering and have an opportunity to continue on with their studies in the third cycle (PhD).

The Curricula for the offered Master's Degree can be found in the Student Guide