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Bachelor Degree

To ensure that study is neither too narrowly focused nor too diffuse, the Genetics and Bioengineering Department stands behind the principle of distribution of studies as strongly as it supports the principle of concentration. It requires that study be characterized, particularly in the earlier years, by a reasonable diversity of subject matter and approach, and in the later years by concentration in Genetics and Bioengineering. In addition, the Department requires that all students take courses in certain foundational skills—writing and quantitative reasoning—that hold the key to opportunities in later study and later life. The best high school writer is still not the writer he or she could be; students who do not use their mathematics or foreign language skills in college commonly lose abilities they once had, and can graduate knowing less than when they arrived.

In a time of increasing globalization, both academic study of the international world and firsthand experience of foreign cultures are crucial. No Burch student can afford to remain ignorant of the forces that shape our world. Integral parts of the undergraduate curriculum are both the Internship requirement as well as the Senior Design Project. Both aspects of the program study serve to take the students outside of the normal structured study environment and thereby provoke a maturation and deepening of the concepts that were gained so far. 

A student working toward a bachelor’s degree takes five or six courses each term, and normally receives the B.S. degree in Genetics and Bioengineering after completing 180 ECTS credits or their equivalent in six terms of enrollment. To balance structure with latitude, and to achieve a balance of breadth and depth, a candidate for the bachelor’s degree is required, in completing the 180 ECTS, to fulfill the distributional requirements described in the curriculum as well as the requirements of the Genetics and Bioengineering program.

After the completion of the Undergraduate Program, student will gain the title of Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Bioengineering.