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Biochemistry lab’s experiments include:

Ø  Laboratory safety issues

Ø  Introduction to concentration, dilution, buffers, spectroscopy

Ø  Buffer preparation, pH determination, calibration of pipettes

Ø  TLC separation of amino acids

Ø  Enzyme activity: catalase

Ø  Enzyme kinetics: alcohol dehidrogenase from yeast

Ø  Enzyme kinetics of urease , catalyzed decomposition of urea

Ø  Isocitrate dehydrogenase –An enzyme of citric acid cycle

Ø  pH dependence of fumarase

Ø  Kinetic analysis of fumarase

Ø  Quantity determination in proteins

Ø  Isolation of blood plasma proteins

Ø  Protein identification in urine

Ø  Iodometric determination of carbohydrates

Ø  Microscopic analysis of urine

Ø  Total lipid analysis in blood serum

Ø  Chracterization of lipids in milk

Ø  Solubility of lipids in different solvents

Ø  Vitamin c identification

Ø  Magnesium determination in blood and urine