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Biotechnology lab Instrumentation:

Biotechnology labarotory is equipped with the most modern intruments that allow students and researchers to do advanced work in their particular areas.


Some instruments from our labarotory


RT-PCR: allows the researhers to quantitative and qualitative analysis of gene expression.




 -80 Deep freezer: allows the researchers to preserve the tissue samples for years.


Laminar flow: allows the researhers reliable protection for samples and work processes for a multitude of applications.


Spectrophotometer: allows the researchers to optional photometric measurements with improved properties.



Refrigerated centrifuge: allows the researhers reliable centrifugation for temperature sensitive material such as RNAs.


Autoclave: allows the resarhers to sterilize equipment and supplies at high pressure steam.


Water distilled machine: allows researhers to obtain reliable and pure water for molecular research. Water is double-distillated.


Chemical/Fume hood: allows the researhers reliable protections to hazardous chemicals and fumes,vapors or dusts.


Incubator: allows the researhers to settle the optimal temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen content for microbilogical research.


Biotechnology lab’s experiments include:

Ø Safety Issues in a Laboratory and Personal Protection

Ø Proper Use of Volume Measuring Devices

Ø Performance Verification of a Micropipette and Calculation of Standart Deviation

Ø Buffer Preparation and Working with Buffers

Ø UV Spectrophotometric Assay of DNA and Proteins: Qualitative Applications

Ø The Bradford, BCA and Lowery Protein Assay: Exploring Assay Verification

Ø Using Spectrophotometry for Quality Control

Ø Planning for Separating Materials Using a Centrifuge

Ø Separation and Identification of Dyes Using Paper Chromatography

Ø Aseptic Techniques on an Open Lab Bench and Biological Safety Cabinet

Ø Preparing a Growth Curve for E. coli

Ø Counting Cells Using a Hemocytometer

Ø Cell Culturing

Ø Plant Tissue Culture

Ø Subculturing of Cells and Tissues

Ø Bioreactor Designing

Ø Bacterial Applications in Biotechnology

Ø Fungal Applications in Biotechnology

Ø Algal Applications in Biotechnology

Ø Fermentations

Ø Genetic testing

Ø Making Transgenic organisms

Ø Vector Designing for Gene Theraphy


Our laboratory also has many other instruments and items like DNA electrophoresis, Protein electrphoresis, DNA illuminator, Heating blocks, Ice machine, Deep freezers, Oven, Hot plates, Vortex, Shakers, Incubator shakers, Precise balance, Water bath, Plant Growth Chamber, Compound light microscopes etc.